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Tue at 14:47
I thought the new patch was out today?
Tue at 14:48
Not seen one yet
Tue at 14:49
Although, just ranked FWC up to level 3 and got a legendary Rocket Launcher from them :sick:
Tue at 15:15
Anyone got a beta code for The Crew yet? Supposed to be going out now, some have them already
Tue at 15:24
nothing yet
Tue at 16:32
not sure on destiny patch but weekly points have been reset so guessing its not today
Tue at 17:23
Windows 10 announced today
Tue at 17:24
Do MS come up with product numbers by picking random numbers
22 hours ago
I guess were lucky its not Windows One as Win10 will be on PC and Xbox One!
22 hours ago
Best pun I've seen is... "Windows 7 ate 9" Bravo!
21 hours ago
had my dispatch notice for horizon 2 :sick:
21 hours ago
20 hours ago
think Jono also has yet he removed his tweet (probs because it had his address on it LOL) what a rookie
20 hours ago
Mine has too
7 hours ago
@Chris - new beta dash today or tomorrow to fix FM5 and FH2 issues (see FH2 thread)
5 hours ago
Still no beta code for The Crew, although this GAF post makes me think maybe I don't want one anyway... "Graphics are poor, the narrative sucks, handling is poor (no matter what setting) and frame-rate is questionable. Reminds me of Driver San Francisco which sucked."
5 hours ago
"Very disappointed by the beta, uninstalled after playing 5 minutes, graphics are bad and the handling is bad, I'll stick to forza horizon 2"
4 hours ago
i gave up after the first mission on PC mark, it really sucked
4 hours ago
Oh well I only wanted a code to see how bad it was :sick:
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
Got my credit now, ready for when FH2 arrives
4 hours ago
Still waiting for Amazon to dispatch mine
3 hours ago
thats what you get for paying less
3 hours ago
3 hours ago
im hoping to get internet up for monday by the way mark so hopefully wont be down for long
3 hours ago
great, my Amazon copy might be here by then :sick:
3 hours ago
muahhah im hoping to get a bit of playing time tomorrow
3 hours ago
EGX moves to the NEC next year from Earls' Court
1 hour ago
whoop finally gotten my game shares email! £141 :sick:
1 hour ago
Destiny update is live!
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CQR MAGiC   Feisty battle between Smokey and Neon several times in that race :sick:
CQR RogueSorry all, past few weeks I have some family issues to sort out with my eldest and have not had free time to race on Forza, looks like these issues will be sorted this week and I will be back :) Hope you are all well
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CQR MAGiC   Hope things get better for you Duncan, see you soon!
CQR Rogue   Cheers dude yea not been good past few weeks :sick: will be back
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