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Fri at 10:11
I see a lesser spotted Ryan - helloooooooo!!
9 hours ago
wtf, this cannot be right, my upload for today is only 740K :|
8 hours ago
Play Destiny betas locked Moon mission for 2 hours from 9pm tonight :thumb:
7 hours ago
Omfg Hamilton :o
7 hours ago
Hamilton was on fire today :d
7 hours ago
Go Bianchi! Put him in that Ferrari already
6 hours ago
Everyones cars are falling apart now :dizzy:
6 hours ago
oh dear
6 hours ago
Spa 24 Hours on Motors TV from 3pm
5 hours ago
Latest Updates banners updated :thumb:
4 hours ago
my new gaming rig was due 8 hours ago dpd have lost it there depot
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
reason had saturday delivery as my eldest with his condition is subject to breakdowns and well due to fuck up had major breakdown
4 hours ago
not happy 1 bit oh well more destiny 2night then
4 hours ago
yeah we're all off the Moon later :thumb:
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
I'm hopeful that I'll get a chance to go too
3 hours ago
I imagine as you long you start the mission within the 2 hours you can keep playing, so it should be available until 11pm so Classics will be done by then surely?
3 hours ago
Can only hope
2 hours ago
I think you might have the timing off for the Destiny thing mark
2 hours ago
No, its 2pm PDT which is 9pm GMT - we are BST atm so 8pm for us
2 hours ago
^10pm even (one hour behind)
2 hours ago
So you'll definitely get to play it Andy :thumb:
2 hours ago
8pm BST is 2pm CDT ;-)
1 hour ago
Just done my first Explore Missions, really good
1 hour ago
The Free Roam area?
1 hour ago
yeah on the map you can choose Level 4 Explore and go around doing missions etc
1 hour ago
Yeah, I did a few of them last night, was good
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Reminder of event VM Super Taikyu - CQR Test Event on 2014-07-27 20:00:00
Test Event for Super Taikyu
Reminder of event VM Classics Series 8 Race 2 now in progress
Virtual Motorsports Classics Series 8 Race 2 Le Mans Old Mulsanne - 9 laps
Reminder of event Formula 1 - Hungarian Grand Prix on 2014-07-27
CQR Rusty   published CQR Rusty: Dunlop MK2 Golf GTi Championship Round 3 on News
CQR MAGiC   published CQR Race Night #11 - Race Recap on News
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CQR MAGiCHighlights from CQR Race Night #11 - some brilliant action!
CQR Race Night #11 - TCC Highlights
Highlights from CQR Race Night #11 - TCC at Silverstone GP. ...
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CQR MAGiC   Thanks Amarth, Jono has a very wide (pink) Mazda! :d
CQR Champion   Love the move at 3.18! My kinda move!
CQR MAGiC   Jono and his late dives on the brakes! :d
CQR MAGiCCQR Race Night #11 - TCC at Silverstone GP from 8pm tonight
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CQR MAGiCIt's the final round of BSRTC Season 5 tonight, from Brands Hatch GP - watch CQR's drivers live from 8.15pm:
iRacing BSRTC S5R31 Brands Hatch
Uploaded by BSRtv on 2014-05-21.
CQR Aero   Ugh, so frusting to watch. No wonder the leaders are 3 seconds a lap faster than the mid-pack - look at the amount of cutting going on lap after lap! 4-wheels off at Graham Hill Bend every lap, 4-wheels off cutting the inside of Sheene's. I take it someone noticed iRacing doesn't penalise these spots and took advantage....
CQR Rusty   Sheen is more kerb than grass, which is allowed but you go too far and it's a Nast nasty slowdown.
Grahamhill exit is rather forgiving but you get 1x if you touch the grass.

Everyone in the field was doing it, even me and even Ash last season.
They're the only corners you can abuse the track limits on,
Run the Kia round Brands and you'll understand why people take such lines. Understeer is an understatement
CQR Rusty   Also watch the 2nd race ;)
CQR MAGiCCheckout Chris' pics from the Need for Speed Supercar Convoy:
Content from Need For Speed Supercar Convoy
Need for Speed Supercar convoy @ Albert Dock, Liverpool
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