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CQR RustyTold you the new montage was better!
War Thunder Realistic battle Montage. A_Honcho.
Some of my most recent battles in some of my favorite planes...
CQR RustySo, by making a montage, anyone can look like a good pilot!
War Thunder montage: Typhoon MK1bL
Just some kills from my MK1bL typhoon!
CQR MAGiC   Great video Rusty! :sick:
CQR Rusty   the one im making now is even better, with better montage music!
BABYMAN   Love the cheesy 80's music too
CQR MAGiCCQR Cup #3 takes place this Sunday evening from 8pm - VW Golf GTi at Laguna Seca. 15 minute qualifying and 3x 20 minute races. Sign-up now at [link]
CQR RogueIm Back :sick:
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CQR MAGiC   Just in time for Project CARS!... oh wait :sick:
CQR Takumi   created a new thread Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in the General Gaming forum
CQR MAGiC   published Congratulations Ashley Sutton on News
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CQR MAGiC   created a new thread Champions Of The Future - Public Announcement in the General Discussion forum
CQR MAGiCCongratulations!
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Ben G   joined CQR Club Community Website
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CQR MAGiCAsh Sutton takes pole for both races 1 and 3 at Brands Hatch GP. Race 1 is at 2.25pm today, live timing: [link] and live commentary: [link]
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